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     This fund was created when the Anglican Orphanage was sold years ago. The money was invested to be of use for and to help Anglican Children in need.
    ·         The maximum allowable annual income for assistance is $40,000.00.
    ·         The assistance is for clothing and footwear
    ·         Application can be made once per twelve month period.
    ·         The amounts for clothing/footwear is as follows:
    Age                Amounts
     5-8                $110.00
     9-12              $135.00
     13-15            $190.00
     16-18            $215.00
     19+                Based on individual circumstances


    ·         Bursaries will be in the amount of $300.00 per semester. They will be given only to those students who carry a minimum load of 4 subjects.
    ·         Applicants must be no older than 25 years of age and must be completing their first degree.
    ·         Bursaries will not be given for 2nd degree programs and to second career persons.
    ·         Applicants will be required to include confirmation of current             course registration and a copy of marks for the last completed semester.
    ·         No more than two bursaries will be
     granted in any twelve month period.

    ·         It is necessary to complete separate applications for each Bursary, with the appropriate documentation as before.
    ·         Bursaries will not be granted where the family income exceeds $40,000.00 per year.
    ·         In determining "family income" income from an applicant's parents or guardians  will NOT be considered where the applicant is:
    ·         (i) Not living with a parent or guardian and has been in the labor force for two years or has been out of high school for four years.
    ·          (ii) Married and supporting a spouse and/or children
    ·         (iii) Not married but supporting a child or children.
    ·          (iv)  Living in a common-law relationship and supporting a spouse and/or children.
    ·         Medical:
    ·         For a child requiring hospitalization or transportation to receive treatment, an amount of up to $1000.00 annually per child.

     Emergency Assistance

    Fire or any other Emergency:    For a family with a child, up to $1,000. 00.
    Reimbursement to Clergy for Emergency Assistance:
         Up to $100.00 per family annually.(This reimbursement is available only  for assistance provided to families where children are involved).

    Special Circumstances: 

    A discretionary allowance of up to $1000.00 annually for Anglican children who have special needs as demonstrated to the Board of Trustees. (For example, the need for a wheelchair)


    Payment of registration fee as set by the camp. Please note the applicants have to be per child and not as a group as the income may vary from child to child.
     These are the guidelines that we
     as a Board of Trustees are required to follow.


    The Anglican Charitable Foundation for Children is successor to the Church of England Orphanage that had its beginning in 1855 during the episcopacy of the late Bishop Edward Feild.
    For over one hundred years, the Church operated both a boys' and a girls' orphanage in St. John's to provide a home for Anglican children who came from all areas of Newfoundland and Labrador.
     These orphanages were supported by donations of money or goods from individuals, congregations and parishes as well as from private business enterprises. They were also sustained by extensive farm lands that were cultivated to provide a continuous supply of vegetables and dairy products. Many of the boys and young men worked on these farms during their stay at the orphanage.
     In 1971, all remaining orphanage properties were sold and the funds received were invested for future use.
     At that time and during the episcopacy of the late Archbishop Seaborn, the Anglican Charitable Foundation for Children was incorporated and given the mandate to administer these investments in accordance with the fundamental principles that guided the establishment of the original orphanages.
    These Pictures are of the Laying of the Cornerstone of the “Church of England” Girl’s Orphanage on June 22,1926

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